Silent Keys

In memory and honor, we pay tribute to the amateur radio operators in the Elko area who have passed away.  These people were our friends and will not be forgotten.

Harry Botsford, August 17, 2023.  W7JKV

Robert Palmer, August 10, 2022.  NV7P

Bill Hance, July 14, 2021. NV7X

Don Tanner, November 5, 2019.  KF7GGR

Brynda Frazier, November 13, 2013, KF7AXY

Grant (Don) Carlson, June 21, 2013, KQ6FM

Myron Lusk, September 20, 2012, WT7P

Bruce Christian, April 17, 2011, NQ7P

Earl P. Shobe, August 15, 2008, W7KOI

Milo Taber, May, 1987, W7QYK

Gary Steinhoff, KG7PKV

Mike Giles, N7EV

Ron Lamar, KC7IIS

Ron Morley, W7CFF

Tony King, K7AEK

James Calloway, KD7ATL

Nelson Wallace, K7OYJ

Audie Bailey, KB7TJT